About Me

As a master coach, workshop trainer, and professional communicator, I have worked with individuals and organizations since 1997.

Living with Heart Intelligence

The tools, skills and practices I teach draw on my academic studies in philosophy and organizational psychology, and my research and extensive training in coaching, leadership, somatics and spirituality.

I combine a rigorously logical and analytical mind with the wisdom and intelligence of my heart, soul and body. I do my best to “walk my talk” as I guide and support others to find the skills and the courage to live a life guided by love, empathy and compassion.

My qualifications and experience

I have a BA Honours (1st class) from Durham University and an MA (distinction) from Kings College, London in Philosophy of Psychology

I trained as a coach and was accredited through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2000, and in 2001 I completed an MA in Organizational Psychology at The London School of Economics and was awarded a distinction for my thesis on taking coaching into organisations.

I completed further training with Co-Active Leadership (2002), The Centre for Right Relationship (2006) and Team Coaching International (2006), and became a Certified Somatic Coach through studies at the Strozzi Institute in California (2012).

Since 2005 I have been a faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute, through which I have helped pioneer the coaching profession in Europe. As a senior faculty member, I travel around the world teaching individuals and organisations coaching and relationship skills.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation and have accumulated over 3,000 coaching hours and trained thousands of students to become coaches.

Beyond my work

A life-long traveller, I now divide my time between London and Northern California. I am a devoted mother to two daughters, a five rhythms dancer and spiritual seeker; and, when not travelling the world for work and pleasure, I can be found building sandcastles on Californian beaches, dancing in my kitchen, or dreaming up my next adventure.

A big thank you to Penny Millar for the portraits on this site.