My Approach – Heart Intelligence

Integrating our hearts, bodies, souls and minds into a new wisdom for the 21st century

Our world needs the contribution of fully integrated human beings. We need people who can bring forward the natural wisdom and power of their heart, body and soul, as well as the reason of their minds.

Embodying love is the foundation of how we live, work and lead.

Embodied heart skills are the new “hard skills” we need to meet the challenges and responsibilities of our time.

By navigating life with an open heart, we uncover our highest purpose and deepest gifts and become able to express all of who we are, even in the most complex and demanding situations.

By opening to the inherent wisdom that is already within us, we can serve and heal the world.

This is the Heart Intelligence approach. It draws on coaching, psychology, spirituality and somatics (breath and body intelligence) to awaken the wisdom that lies within our hearts, bodies and souls. It enables us to experience and understand ourselves through a fully integrated experience, rather than be limited by the rational filters of our minds.

By exploring and embracing what really makes us human – our empathy, courage, compassion, gratitude, belonging, longing, loss, mystery and love – we develop what we need to wake up as individuals and collectively. We live beyond the false limits of reason and ego, beyond the armoured defence of “fitting in”. We can live with joy, as our most authentic selves, grounded in the wisdom of heart, body and soul.

In this way, we connect to our deepest purpose and contribution in the world.