Express your deepest values and most inspiring vision

Whether you are a business leader, community leader, social activist or entrepreneur, I can help you develop the skills and understanding you need to live, work and lead with greater impact.

Our work together will enable you to:

  • Cultivate an embodied, heart-centred leadership presence that elevates your ability to inspire and motivate others
  • Communicate in ways that build loyalty and trust
  • Build sustainable, long-term, win-win relationships
  • Align your life with your deepest values and most inspiring vision to make a greater contribution to the world

One-on-one coaching

Harness your full leadership power and possibility through a transformational six or twelve month coaching journey. Through this intimate one-on-one work, you will gain extensive insight, tools, skills and practices to support you in leading an embodied, heart-centred life.

We can meet in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

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I currently offer four developed training courses, and also develop bespoke programmes:

Courses are run in London or the San Francisco Bay Area.

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