What People Say

“This [Transformational Year] programme has, in truth, lived up to its name of being a transformational year. Susannah is a lovingly powerful coach, who has the intuition to sense what is at the core of an issue, and the intellect to unpack its constituent parts and address each and every one of them. I feel she perceives me at a spiritual level – where I am too aware of my limitations, she can see my potential, and she invites me to share that perception of my greatest self. If I have any gripe with it at all, I would only like to challenge the description of it as a transformational YEAR, because the seeds that are sown during that year will continue to reap benefits long afterwards.”

Roz Savage MBE – Coach, author, speaker, and first woman to solo row
three oceans. National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2010, four
world records for ocean rowing, author of “Rowing the Atlantic” and
“Stop Drifting Start Rowing”, and Yale World Fellow 2012

Susannah is an inspirational coach and trainer. What I have valued is her capacity to see really deeply into people. She couples this with a real compassion and an unrelenting commitment to her clients’ growth, and the result is…transformation. I have grown a huge amount in my two years of coaching with Susannah and am deeply grateful. I would highly recommend her to those hungry for change and wanting to go deep inside to look at barriers to growth.”

Jonathan Joo-Thompson – Senior Manager, The United Nations

“Susannah caringly and relentlessly cuts to the core and takes me safely to the places where I would not dare go. She helps me discover doors inside me that I did not see or thought closed, illuminating nooks and corners, challenging me and taking me further into my growing edge. Working with Susannah is a life affirming, wondrous adventure.”

Mar Doncal – Vice President, JP Morgan

“Susannah is a goddess, a warrior and an angel. She is a phenomenal coach: highly intelligent, compassionate, intuitive and articulate. In working with her I released deep feelings of shame that I had been holding on to for years, and unleashed so many amazing qualities within myself that I had been denying and burying. I felt challenged and supported to dive deeply into the depths of my mind, body and soul. Working with Susannah was a beautiful, unsettling (in the best possible way!), life-altering experience.”

Jess Heading – Director and Senior Coach, Talking Talent

“I had the privilege of working with Susannah over a six month period for a series of coaching sessions held over Skype. I went in with the expectation that I would be receiving coaching specifically relating to circumstantial needs at work, but what I got out of our sessions was far more holistic, spiritual and yet practical than I could have ever imagined. During our very first call, Susannah helped me to identify some character traits and habits which were creating challenges for me both in the work place and personally, and over the following months, she worked with me to address these in a very real way. She taught me some great exercises which I have continued to use well after our coaching program concluded, and I’m often referring back to the notes which I took during our sessions for a reminder of what she opened my eyes to. I felt totally comfortable being open and real throughout our conversations, and Susannah didn’t hesitate to challenge me when she felt I was giving a scripted response. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented coach.”

Brooke Rusckolic – Brand Director, Adidas Australia & New Zealand

“With finely-tuned intuition, daring humor and joie de vivre, Susannah listens deeply, and shines her soothing while bright light on your path – inner and outer. Vivacious and courageous, imaginative and tangible – you will BE and DO beyond what you had imagined for yourself. With Susannah you can bravely search and unveil your creativity, resilience, resourcefulness and inner grit for powerful lasting evolution to love today exuberantly and pursue your dreams of tomorrow vigorously. Susannah is one’s grand heart and vision cultivator, one’s deep inner work for life brilliance companion. An ever refreshing source of possibility and inner power.”

David Brower, The Sensorial Guy – Entrepreneur

Working with Susannah Southgate is life changing. She balances deep love and support with hard truths when you need to hear them. Susannah helped me to overcome fears and emotional memories that had been running my life for years, and helped me to build the self-knowledge and confidence to aim for the healthy lifestyle and purposeful career I want.”

Gwendolyn Knowles – Founder and Director, CoachHouse

“Susannah is a deeply soulful and compassionate coach. She has danced with me through a huge period of transformation in my life, encompassing career change and relationship break up. She has helped me find the riches, learning and healing that lie in taking the time to recover, rather than immediately leaping forward into the next venture. And she has helped me tap into a more loving, caring, vulnerable and receptive way of living and leading in the world, for which I am endlessly grateful. Working with Susannah has been like slowly discovering a treasure beyond my wildest dreams.”

Zelah Senior – Senior Coach and Consultant

“Susannah is an inspiring, engaging, passionate and dynamic trainer.”
“She is genuine, grounded, and created an atmosphere of trust and compassion”
“An amazing trainer, very knowledgeable, compassionate and authentic”
“An outstanding trainer – with great knowledge and facilitation skills”
“Susannah skillfully created a very effective group dynamic, inspiring trust and confidence, and growing and mentoring the group throughout the day”

Participants from Whole Being Leadership, held at The United Nations, Geneva

“I would highly recommend working with Susannah to anyone looking for a powerful coach who has the depth of soul, heart and skill required to guide you through deep inner work to fully own the beauty and power of who you are in the world. I felt completely safe, held and seen by Susannah, which enabled me to explore and connect with parts of myself that I didn’t accept before. That gave me the confidence to follow my heart and take risks that I may not have done otherwise in terms of expressing who I want to be and the impact that I want to have in the world. And the wonderful thing is that it’s not only powerful work, it’s also highly enjoyable! Her warmth, joyful playfulness and celebratory attitude to life made every session really vibrant and fun, even when it was about exploring deep, sometimes uncomfortable stuff.”

Valerie Teller – Transformational Coach

“When being coached by Susannah, you know you are being coached by a top professional in this field.”

Lesley Donoghue – Leadership Coach


I work with clients based in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and USA. In my role as Coach and Trainer I have worked with the following organisations:

  • Accenture
  • Augere Training
  • Addidas
  • Barclays
  • British Telecom
  • Cap Gemini
  • IBM
  • ING
  • Leo Burnett
  • Mercuri Urval
  • Mother Advertising
  • Nestle
  • Nichols Consulting
  • Novartis
  • PA Consulting
  • Pepsico
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Schouten and Nelissen
  • The Coaches Training Institute
  • The United Nations