Bespoke leadership and communication training courses

Give your teams skills and insight to transform the way they lead, communicate and collaborate.

I’ve been designing and delivering leadership and communication courses to meet the specific needs of individual organisations for over 15 years. I’ve worked with groups of all sizes, from small board member teams to groups of up to 100 people. Bespoke courses have ranged from two-hour-long communication skill sessions to year-long leadership programmes.

All my training takes a step-by-step approach that works towards sustainable change in attitudes and behaviours.  My training programmes are:

  • Highly experiential and creative
  • Co-created with your needs, values and vision
  • Somatically informed (body intelligence)
  • Informed by emotional and relationship intelligence (heart intelligence)
  • An integration of right- and left-brain attributes
  • Supported by on-going one-on-one coaching or tele-classes.

I have a team of highly valued, experienced and skilled collaborators that I bring in for larger-scale projects.

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