Finding Belonging in the Space between Worlds


It’s 4am. Jet lag has once again insisted that I wake according to a time that is not in alignment with my current location. Sleep-wise, I am between worlds – hovering somewhere above the Atlantic, belonging neither in London’s wintery grey, nor California’s sunshiney morning.

Newly an ex-pat, am I now destined to live in that land between worlds? Not quite belonging in the country and culture I was born into, nor the one I have mysteriously found myself gravitating into?

And what even is it to belong?

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A New Year Calling

new-year-climb-blog-title-v42018, finally a new year! And, I think I am not alone in gratefully receiving the symbolic freshness of a new beginning that any new year offers.  

For me, along with so many of my friends and clients, 2017 felt like one of those years that demanded something of me that was intense, exhilarating, frustrating and, at times, downright terrifying.   [Read more…]