Whole-Being Leadership Presence

This highly experiential 2-day programme focuses on aligning your voice, body and presence with your most heart-felt vision and values, enabling you to inspire trust, commitment and loyalty in those you lead.

This programme is ideal if you are a business leader or entrepreneur who wants to have more self-awareness, impact and influence.

Learn to:

  • Communicate your vision, mission and values in a way that incites trust, loyalty and collaboration
  • Use your body, heart, intuition and voice as inspiring leadership tools
  • Identify and expand your unique impact and influence as a leader – both intended and unintended
  • Identify, moderate and harness your mood, energy and emotions
  • Identify and moderate the unconscious physical, verbal and emotional habits that negatively impact your leadership

Leave with:

  • A profound shift in your understanding of your impact and influence and a toolbox of practices and skills to become and remain the powerful and inspiring leader you wish to be.

The programme consists of four modules:

  • Your body as a leader
  • Your heart as a leader
  • Your voice as a leader
  • Your soul as a leader

Public courses are run in London and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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