Listening to our Bodies



This last week for me has been a week of needing to make some choices. Choices and commitments that will impact the rest of my year. Do I say yes to this or no to that, choose this over that, commit to that but not this? And running under all those choices is an incredible demand “to get it right”. Yet, how do I know? What if I am wrong? What even is right?

Our head tends to be the part of us in charge of decision-making. Yet our minds only know black and white, either-or. Our heads crave certainty and control. They push us to get it right, choose carefully, weigh things up. Write down pros and cons, assess all the data, we are taught.

And maybe some of that can be useful. But for me, my mental faculties can only take it so far. My mind wants to tell me it knows best, but I increasingly suspect its wisdom may be limited.

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