Taking a Digital Break


This week, I found myself taking an unplanned “Digital Break”. An impromptu decision meant that on Wednesday morning I found myself packing an overnight bag, jumping in the car with a friend, and driving a few hours to some Hot Springs, nestled deep in nature – a true haven of tranquillity and nourishment.

Our unexpected impulse to visit there literally felt like an intervention on our To-do lists and lives. There were a thousand reasons not to, not least because the place we were seeking refuge in has no cell service or Wi-Fi.

There are always a thousand reasons not to. The question we have to start asking ourselves is whether we let the reasons dictate our days, which become our years, which become our lives? Or, should we seek another way of being, and have our longings drive our choices?

I consistently long for more space, stillness and quiet in my week. [Read more…]