The Call to Transform


In 2006 I set off with my then husband and our two children, one 3 years old, the other a 6 month-old baby, to travel around the world for a year. “Madness” is how I am sure most people referred to this plan of ours, but my name for our decision was “The Journey of Awakening”.

In intuitively naming it this, I wasn’t sure what I was seeking to awaken to, I just knew the London life we were living was not what I wanted. I felt a restlessness within me, a need for something more; and I instinctively felt that this call to adventure would serve and transform us all.

The call to transform often begins like this – with sensations of discomfort, dissatisfaction, disillusionment that may be difficult to clearly articulate. The shoes that once fitted so well may start to feel tight. The life we crafted, or the career we created, the relationship we once craved, the location and home we chose, may no longer feel so good.

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